Obesity in Cats

Obesity in Cats is Not Cute

Almost every day, sometimes more than once, I hear people say, “Oh, my cat is fat!” Sometimes they tack on other statements to go along with the first: “…but he’s so cute that way!” or “…and there’s nothing I can do about it.” Inevitably, if there is another cat in the same house, they say, “…and my other cat is so skinny because the fat one steals his food.” I usually ask them if this is a problem for them, and most answer something like this: “Huge! It’s a huge problem, and I’m so frustrated. My vet tells me to separate them when they eat, and only feed them twice a day. But I can’t get my skinny cat to eat all his food at once. I’ve even tried starving him for several days, and he still will only nibble a little at a time. But when I leave the food down for him, the fat one eats it. Yes, it’s a very aggravating and huge problem for me. I don’t want to lock them away from each other all day. What’s the use of having two cats to keep each other company when I’m gone if I have to keep them separated? But what else can I do?”

katy-fat-russian-catWhen I hear this, I can’t help myself; I tell them about the MeowSpace®. The response I get from them is immediate. “Omygod! I NEED one of those! Where can I get one?” If I have one with me, I give them a brochure. When they find out the MeowSpace® sells for $170-$245, they suddenly say, “Well, I guess the problem isn’t THAT bad. But maybe one day I’ll get one.”

I really understand that line of thought. $185 is a lot of money to spend on a pet product. I wish we could lower the price, but with the very high cost of materials, we just can’t. So it comes down to this: If there was an absolute way for us humans who are overweight to permanently reduce the amount of unhealthy weight we carry around, would $185 seem like so much? $250? Probably not.

The risks of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, severe arthritis, cancer and the like greatly outweigh a onetime cost of less than $300. It all comes down to how much we value the lives and comfort level of our furry kids. When my cats had the problem described above, I tried to find a product like the MeowSpace®, and I was willing to pay any price for it. $500 would have seemed like a godsend. I was shocked to not be able to find one anywhere. Thus the birth of the MeowSpace®.

This isn’t intended to be a guilt trip for anyone. It is, however, reality. Not everyone feels the same love and devotion to a pet that I’ve always felt with mine. My compassion for their dependence on me leads me to find ways to meet their needs. One day I’ll tell you about our $5,000 Schnauzer! We’ve never been wealthy. We always lived pretty much hand to mouth ourselves, but when it came to the well-being and appropriate care for our pets, we went into debt when necessary. Choosing to have a pet is a commitment to love and care for them, and not just when it’s convenient. Our home is a forever home for our pets, no matter what, and that means doing all we

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can to do right by them.

Feline obesity is a rampant problem that can be solved. It’s more difficult in multiple-pet households, which is where the MeowSpace® comes into play. And when I hear, daily, people tell me about their fat cat, it’s all I can do to not start tearing up. Maybe I’m a bit over-the-top with my deep compassion for all animals (even bugs), but I guess that’s what it took for us to invent the MeowSpace®, and it’s what it takes for me to have the courage to tell people about my product. I am not a salesperson, never was; but here I am now, selling the MeowSpace®. Would I like it to make me a millionaire someday? You bet! And I’ll feel great about every cent because of what it will mean to pets and their people.

If your cat is fat because of multiple-pet situations in your home, do yourself and your kitty a favor. Purchase a MeowSpace®.

Thanks for listening. -Casey

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