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Fat Cat


Fat Cat not funny, not cute, not healthy

These two words, fat and cat, may rhyme, but they should never be used together in the same sentence to describe your feline friend. When there is too much fat on your cat, it ain’t pretty, or cute, or healthy. It’s downright dangerous. Some statistics about cats who are overweight:

  • They are twice as likely to die within the 6 to 12 year mark, which is middle aged for a cat.
  • Three times more likely to develop non-allergic skin conditions.
  • Four and a half times more likely to develop diabetes mellitus.
  • Obese cats are seven times more likely to require veterinary care for lameness generally caused by joint diseases, such as arthritis or muscle injuries, whereas heavy cats are three times more likely.

2011 study by APOP (Association for Pet Obesity Prevention) found that over 50 percent of cats were either obese or overweight. According to PetMD, the main reason for feline obesity is the consumption of too much food. This is where the MeowSpace® comes into play.

If you are having trouble monitoring your fat cat’s food intake due to having multiple pets in your household, the MeowSpace® is key to creating that kind of control. Without having to separate your pets from one another during feeding time, or when they are alone in the home, the MeowSpace® becomes the pet owner’s best friend, and the pet’s best chance at a long life.

“The MeowSpace offers a solution to several heretofore unsolvable problems. We use it when one cat in a multicat household needs to eat a special diet. We also use it when one cat is dominating another at the food bowl. This happened to a cat belonging to one of my technicians; the cat was losing weight due to food deprivation. The MeowSpace prevented the dominating cat access to the other cat’s food bowl and solved the problem.

With a little creativity, I expect to find many more uses for this wonderful device. There is a short learning curve for the cat, but in a few days the device is working perfectly.”

-Gary D. Norsworthy, DVM
Diplomate, ABVP (Feline)
Alamo Feline Health Center
16201 San Pedro Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78232


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