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Cat Feeding Solutions

Usual Cat Feeding Solutions don’t often work

We have spoken with hundreds of vet professionals including veterinarians, veterinary technicians, assistants, nurses, receptionists and office managers who have shared with us the problems they have encountered regarding feeding difficulties in multiple-pet households.

katy-fat-russian-catPet owners, mostly cat owners, have told us how they have attempted to solve these problems, but to no avail.

Here are some of the things people have tried that come up short and why they cease to be viable or permanent solutions:

DOESN’T WORK #1: Building a box with a door too small for the fat cat to get through
This may work for a while, but the pitfalls are glaring. A cat who is fat will go to almost any length to get to the food. We have heard horror stories of fat cats getting stuck in the opening, and terrorizing the skinny cat as it is eating. In addition, guess what happens after the fat cat has lost some weight? In they go!

DOESN’T WORK #2: Putting the food on a level that the fat cat cannot reach because they cannot jump
For most households, this means putting the food on a kitchen counter, or on a shelf of a hutch, neither of which makes for an ideal situation. And again, when fat cat loses some weight, up they go!

DOESN’T WORK #3: Putting the food in a closet or bedroom, and making sure the door is closed so that the fat cat cannot enter
Once again, even if this works for a while, it will soon cease to be a viable solution.

These are just a few of similar ideas for keeping the food away from a fat cat that ultimately don’t work. And what about a pet who is NOT fat, but has an ailment that requires them to eat special food? None of the above ideas work even on a short term basis.

The aggravation and energy that goes into trying to control the pets involved has forced many families to either give away one or more of their pets, or become so frustrated with their pets that their relationship with them deteriorates day by day.

Love is the reason we have our pets (or they have us!), so why not do for them something that will enhance that love and give you back your sanity?

DOES WORK!: The MeowSpace® is a problem solver that has been proven consistently effective.

IMG_0138MeowSpace® is a solution that DOES WORK. Why not give it a shot?



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These are working great but I do have one question. Hard to find a litter box that will fit into the meow space. Any recommendations?

Thanks for your question, Bill. Dollar Tree has dishwashing pans that fit perfectly. That kind of solution (dishpans) seems to be the litter box of choice. I got the idea at a local cat show, when I saw hundreds of rather large contestants using teeny plastic dishpans for their litter boxes. I even saw turkey baking pans used. Let me know if you discover any other idea!

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