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Cat Habits

DSCF1107Cat Habits are usually narcissistic.

When Mitchell, our MeowSpace® cat, is not eating, drinking or play hunting, he is most at home in his cat habitat, aka lying peacefully on “his” bed; and Berdell, MeowSpace® co-inventor, is most at home lying peacefully with him.

I guess cats could be called the most narcissistic creatures on earth. It’s all about them. Everything is all about them. If they are not happy or comfortable doing something, they simply don’t do it. And if they are forced to, woe be it!

If only we can make the cat think it is their idea, we succeed. Training a cat to use the MeowSpace works right along that line of thinking. We use the cat’s narcissistic qualities to make it happen.

1. Most cats love boxes, so we put the MeowSpace® out with the door flap open and walk away. Inevitably, we return to find our kitty sitting inside the MeowSpace® with an expressionless “I own this thing” look.

2. Next, we place a treat or toy inside and go away. Again we return to find the prize missing. Their idea, of course.

3. Finally, we put the food (or the litter box) inside and walk away. Still their idea.

4. By the time we are ready to let the flap down, they are so accustomed to having their food or litter in the MeowSpace®, that the flap is merely an obstacle to be overcome so they can continue to practice their new habit.

Works brilliantly. Warning: If you try to force them inside, they will decide it is NOT their idea, and new cat habits will be created; and it won’t be the one we intended!

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