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 MeowSpace Customer Reviews


cat inside a meowspace
Customer Praise for MeowSpace

People all over the country have used MeowSpace to solve a multitude of pet feeding and litter box issues. We’ve heard great feedback about how using MeowSpace helped cats with diabetes go into remission because they were able to eat their special food without interruption from another feline friend. People often wonder how do I get my cat to lose weight? Or what to do when their fat cat eats the skinny cat’s food. MeowSpace successfully solves these problems with an easy to use food-grade plastic cat feeding enclosure. Read more about how MeowSpace has helped our customers solve their pet feeding and litter box issues.

“MeowSpace is a perfect way to solve a lot of routine problems your cat has. It can become a great help in multi-cat households where one of the pets is on a special diet and needs help to lose or gain weight. It is also a perfect solution for cats who have diabetes.


This feeding box is a must-buy thing for all the cat owners who want to minimize the amount of daily routine connected with your pet’s life.”


— Jimmie O’Chutt


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“Thank you so much for this product. We have three cats, one who is blind and eats teeny bites of food at a time, and the other two are sighted and will eat everything in sight. The two food bullies have learned to break into the Sure Feed microchip feeder, and bother our blind kitty any time she’s eating and she hates it!! The MeowSpace was the perfect solution. It took a little longer (maybe a few weeks) to train her to understand the concept of the cat door in the MeowSpace, but now she goes in and out with ease, and no longer worries about her food-obsessed siblings getting in her way. We are thrilled with this product. It was absolutely worth the money to know our little perfect, blind kitty can eat in peace. Thank you so much!”


— Lauren B.

“I am extremely happy with this product. I started training the cats on Tues night after a pretty easy install. Bumper, the cat who will use the MeowSpace learned to get in and out of it very easily, and ate his second meal in there this morning. He comes in and out without issues, so it took him less than two days to get used to it. Mauser, the other cat, who needs to watch his weight, seems to understand his days of finishing Bumper’s food are over!”

— Cat, San Francisco, CA

“I have to say THANK YOU again for your great product! It has helped me out in so many ways! We have six cats and one diabetic that can be controlled by the right food. We were having to close him in the bathroom to eat and he hated it. Was always crying, hitting the door and even opening the door. Sometimes he wouldn’t eat. Now he goes in and out of his MeowSpace whenever he wants.”

— Kristi D., Oklahoma City, OK

“Thanks, Casey, for such great service! If you’re thinking about buying a MeowSpace, you should not hesitate. These people really care about their customers (and their product is really great, too!).”

— Nancy G.

“Now that our cat knows how to use her MeowSpace, it has become a lifesaver and she can eat without fear of our other cat stealing her food and we don’t have to think about constantly putting her food away. It is a much better quality of life for everyone.”

— Michael S., Boston, MA

“The MeowSpace arrived very quickly, and when we found an evening early last week to set it up we were both surprised that it only took a few minutes! Excellent instructions, very easy to follow. It only took one time for Mews to learn to use it. To our great relief, he has already put on a few ounces and we are sure will have no problem maintaining a healthy weight now that he can easily graze all day as he pleases. Rothko, our overeater, was understandably frustrated being able to see but not get at a bowl of delicious food inside the MeowSpace, but she seems to be getting over it and able to more or less ignore it now. We are very happy customers–thanks for inventing this!”

— T. Marie S., San Francisco, CA

“For over eight years our kitty that is too heavy ate the food of our kitty that is too thin. In just three days, the thin kitty learned how to enter MeowSpace. Now she is gaining weight in the comfort and security of her own space. And the stealing food kitty is losing [weight]. Thank you so very much for an easy solution!”

— Terry A.

“My valuable time and energy went into trying to keep my dog out of the litter box. MeowSpace has given me back my life.”

— Sheralynn T.

“After two months using the MeowSpace, our diabetic cat’s diabetes went into remission.”

— Rosemary T.

“I want to thank you for all your help. I no longer have to worry about my dog having any ‘snacks.’”

— Toby M.

“I’m very happy to announce that at the vet’s office yesterday, Lenny had already gained almost a whole pound! The vet was very happy about that (and me, too!). She is the one who recommended MeowSpace to me, and I told her I would be willing to be a referral for any other of her owners who might want to consider getting a MeowSpace to use.”

— Deb C., Kirkland, WA

“Our dogs were eating our cats’ food, and we were going crazy trying to keep them from it. The MeowSpace changed our lives, and our cats enjoy using it. Thanks so much!”

— Steve and Chris V.


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