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 About the Inventors


The original MeowSpace prototype.
Casey and Berdell
Inventors Casey & Berdell Moffett-Chaney enjoying the wedding of their son, co-inventor Corey Bruesch.
The MeowSpace Story

The MeowSpace inventors are a family of three humans and two felines. Flopsie, our black and white kitty was becoming an overweight cat. She was eating both her own food and her brother Mitchell’s food, as well. Mitchell, our orange cat, was losing weight because he wasn’t getting to eat all of his food. We had an image of what we needed but couldn’t find it for sale anywhere. After discussing the situation with our son, Corey, he designed and built the first one in 2007.

It worked like a charm. Our cat people friends, who all decided they needed one (then another for the litter box), became our beta testers. In 2009, our other “son”, Gabe (Corey’s lifelong best friend), named our invention “MeowSpace.” Casey and Berdell Moffett-Chaney jointly own a patent on the MeowSpace with their son Corey Bruesch.

Our Mission

MeowSpace offers multi-pet households a simple and effective solution to a variety of feeding and litter box issues. We strive to bring peace to frustrated pet owners seeking a way to separate their pets at mealtime or when they need to use the litter box. It’s our goal to get the word out about this microchip-activated selective pet feeding and litter box station in order to ease the concerns of multi-pet households.

  • Easily Separate Pets While They Eat
  • Keep the Litter Box or Cat Food Away From Dogs
  • Provide a Baby-Proof Station that Keeps Children Out of Pet Areas
  • Create Litter Box Privacy and Safety
  • You Decide Which Pets Have Access

When you buy MeowSpace, you buy unlimited service and integrity.