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Social Distancing for Pets – MeowSpace Separates Cats During Feeding

meowspace microchip pet station

MeowSpace invented social distancing years ago, for cats and dogs at least. When Flopsie decided she could finish eating her food, then hop over and eat Mitchell’s food within seconds, we found ourselves faced with viral feline pigout syndrome. Flopsie started getting heavier, and Mitchell became skin and bones. No matter how hard we tried to keep her from Mitchell’s food, she always managed to beat us to the punch. After all, we were a working household and couldn’t stick around policing them all day.

Unfortunately, Mitchell is a grazer and Flopsie is a gorger. Thus, we had to leave enough food down so Mitchell would have his share. That left way too much for Flopsie. We always came home to an empty bowl and wondered if Mitchell had been able to get any food at all.

Separate Cats During Feeding

Flopsie came into our lives shortly after our 14-year-old teacup Yorkie passed away. All of us were heartbroken, and none more than Mitchell, who was now a two-year-old sociable cat, left alone all day.

We decided to visit one of our local cat shelters and picked out a companion for Mitch. Flopsie was one-year-old, a quiet, gentle soul who caught our attention. We introduced them in a textbook manner and the result was a huge success. They adore each other. The last thing we wanted to do was keep them apart all day every day due to the food problem, so we had to come up with an idea. It never occurred to us that our cats would need to practice social distancing from each other over food.

We went out to find what we thought already existed; but it didn’t, anywhere; so we built our own. Enter the MeowSpace, the ultimate social distancing feeding enclosure for cats and small dogs. We placed Mitchell’s food in the MeowSpace, and his collar magnet allowed him to unlock the door, keeping Flopsie from getting inside. He ate his food happily, and Flopsie could only gaze in wonderment.

The Ultimate Social Distancing Tool for Pets

Today, both of our kitties, 13- and 14-years-old, are normal weight, healthy, happy and still active, thanks to MeowSpace, the ultimate social distancing tool. Browse our selection of MeowSpace pet enclosures and see how you can separate your cats during feeding.

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