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Fat Cat Skinny Cat Syndrome?

Fat cat Scaredy cat
Fat cat skinny cat

Fat cat skinny cat in your household?

Do you have a starving cat because your other cat is stealing food? Chances are that, in addition to both cats being unhealthy physically, they are also struggling mentally and emotionally. Both may be exhibiting undesirable and unwanted behaviors toward one another and toward you (and any other human caretakers).

This was a case in San Antonio, Texas, when Dr. Gary Norsworthy‘s veterinary technician took home a MeowSpace® to keep her fat cat from eating her skinny cat’s food. The vet tech was surprised to discover a hidden but positive result. She set up the MeowSpace® so that her skinny cat would use it, and her fat cat could not. She used the Magnetic Door System and put the magnet on the collar of her skinny cat. Her fat cat, not having a collar magnet, couldn’t enter the MeowSpace®, so the skinny cat’s food was safe from being eaten by any other pet except for the skinny cat who possessed the only key.

Not only did her skinny cat begin to gain weight, his entire personality changed for the better. He had been a rather mean cat. Suddenly his demeanor changed and he became a sweet cat. I imagine not being hungry all the time would have some impact on his attitude. I believe there was an additional reason behind the personality shift…now that the vet tech wasn’t so uptight, aggravated and worried about the feeding/eating situation any longer, she was a sweeter mommy, too.



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