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Frequently Asked Questions

We invented MeowSpace to solve a variety of problems related to multi-pet households including meal separation and eliminating litter box flinging. Users across the country have seen their fat cats and skinny cats find balance in their weight, their diabetic cats have gone into remission and dogs no longer snack from the litter box. MeowSpace comes as the answer to many of the questions asked by frustrated pet owners seeking a solution for these problems and more. When you find yourself asking, “How do I feed my cats different food?” or “How do I keep my kid out of the cat’s food or litter?”, MeowSpace offers a simple and effective solution.

We gathered many frequently asked questions about MeowSpace to help you after you’ve purchased a MeowSpace or before you’ve made the decision to click Buy. Read through these questions to find answers to your own concerns. Didn’t find the answer below? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions that have not been addressed in the MeowSpace FAQs. We are here to serve you!

Train your Pet to Use Meowspace

MeowSpace Training depends upon your situation, that said, this MeowSpace training idea is excellent, and works for most new MeowSpacers.

Angela & Debbie Picone did a lot of things right:

1. They bought a MeowSpace®
2. They called me directly when they ran into some problems
3. They called again when my first suggestion didn’t work
4. They were determined to make it work
5. They took all the time they needed to keep training

Here’s their story:

We have two cats. Nessa has IBD and can only eat a home-cooked diet. Our older cat, Elphie, has no interest in Nessa’s food, but Nessa is very interested in Elphie’s food. So, we had to keep Nessa away from Elphie’s food. After hours of scouring the web over a period of several weeks, I finally found MeowSpace. Truly, this product seemed heaven-sent.

I won’t lie – it wasn’t easy. Elphie is skittish and not open to new experiences. We began by assembling all sides of the box, minus the panel containing the door. We kept Elphie’s food and water in the MeowSpace and she had access through the huge opening. She loves boxes and really enjoyed eating in one that was transparent.

Next, we attached the door panel and taped the door open. Again, this part was easy. After a few moments of staring, she went in to get her food. Then, I would sit next to the box and hold the door open wide with my fingers. As she went through I would lower the door. I began by not lowering it until she was mostly through, so she only felt it on her back. Then, very slowly, I progressed until I was lowering it on the back of her neck, then her forehead.

We left food in the MeowSpace all the time, hoping she would just go in and get it. Finally, we heard the thumping sound and there she was, inside her box eating. This took about two months. It required a LOT of patience but it was well worth it.

Exemplary! Casey is fantastic! She was so encouraging. We initially ordered the microchip door, but it didn’t work out. Upon Casey’s recommendation, we switched to the magnetic door as it was the largest. This is one of the beauties of this product. We simply had to mail back the micro-chip door after receiving our magnetic door. We didn’t have to replace the whole box, just the door panel. Casey also worked with us to find just the right magnet to attach to Elphie’s collar. One that was silent (some jiggle around inside a casing and they scared Elphie) and non-directional, which is just easier.

We also received great peace of mind by knowing the product was returnable if Elphie simply never got the hang of it. That knowledge allowed us to continue to be patient and just keep trying.

Again, it took about two months to train Elphie to use her MeowSpace but she really enjoys it now and it has made life with two kitties on different diets so much easier. We really can’t recommend this product, and this company, highly enough.

Your cat’s tail getting caught in the door flap? Easy fix!

Put the food to the side of the door to force your cat’s tail to slip smoothly inside when your cat enters. Your cat’s tail will no longer get stuck if you put the food at the front of the MeowSpace®, just to the right or left of the door. When your cat goes in, they have to turn around immediately to eat, and its tail slips smoothly in with no problem. The door flap then closes easily.

food inside a MeowSpace
Put food to the side of the door to force your cat’s tail to slip smoothly inside when your cat enters.

It sometimes appears as if your cat simply refuses to push the door flap of the MeowSpace® open on his own. What is actually happening is that your cat simply doesn’t realize yet that he can do it by himself. Sometimes he thinks he can do it going one way, but not the other.

There are several things you can do to help your cat with this kind of situation. First, how long have you been working with your cat? You may have to continue to help your cat for several weeks. Time makes a huge difference for some. Try opening the door for your cat, and just as they have their front paws through the door, gently lower the door so they can feel it on their head, while also gently nudging them from behind so they will not back out. They may have to experience this many times before they realize they can actually enter the MeowSpace® themselves.

Also, using something inside the MeowSpace® that entices them inside often gets their attention off the idea that they can’t enter, and once they take the first step inside, the belief that they can’t do it disappears. Contact us and don’t give up!

You can avoid having to train a cat to wear a collar if you choose to use the Microchip System MeowSpace®, which doesn’t require a collar device to work. Otherwise, there are several ways to train your cat to use a collar, and the Internet is full of answers. Here is one way from eHow:

Start with a properly-sized collar. Measure your cat’s neck so you know what size collar to purchase. Buy one with a bit of extra room in case your cat grows or gains weight.

Choose an expandable or breakaway collar.

Choose a calm time for your cat’s first introduction to the collar.

Put the collar on and leave it on, even if your cat resists. Remember, a collar is a foreign object so it’s natural for the cat to try to remove it at first. Most cats will struggle for a while, then give up when they realize that resistance is futile. However, if your cat really panics as opposed to normal resistance, you may need to remove the collar and introduce it in short sessions.

Be prepared for a power struggle. In the first few weeks, you may discover that your cat has become a Houdini and is managing to slip the collar. Whenever this happens, simply find the collar and put it on again. Once your cat realizes that getting it off is not effective in the long run, it will give up.

blue collar
A basic breakaway collar. The latch fits snugly together but pulls apart if it gets caught on something.

Something seems wrong. How do I get the collar magnet to work better?

The collar magnet needs to be hanging comfortably downward and needs to be facing the right direction. There is a front and a back, usually designated by a paw print (front), and the word “back” on the back. Most of our systems use a magnet that comes with a ring that automatically makes the magnet hang off of the collar the way it should. If you have a system that does not come with an actual ring, we suggest you put a small key ring on the magnet and slide the key ring onto the collar so that the front (if there is a designated front—sometimes there is not) faces the MeowSpace®. This should take care of most problems. If it still doesn’t work, contact us! There may be a problem in the door (one person had taped the latch down to train their kitty and forgot to take the tape off the latch) or the door may be defective and we need to send you a new one.

(Note: The magnet with the paw print works with the electromagnetic system, which requires a 9 Volt battery in the door. We provide the battery, but even if there is no battery or the battery is old, the door latch will still open to the magnet, just not as quietly.)

MeowSpace collar magnet for cat feeder
This is the collar magnet with the paw print designating the front.

Collar magnet
This is the collar magnet hanging off of the key chain. This magnet does not have a front and back.

Each situation is different, and a lot will depend upon your commitment. Some cats pick it up in an instant, and some take several weeks. Usually, once you make a firm decision to work consistently with your pet, success happens within a week. It is vitally important for you to make use of our personal services before giving up. We have discovered numerous tricks and ideas that work when nothing else has. Call us. Also, read the following posts and blogs: About Training and Aggressive Pets. Be patient and trust the process. It will be well worth it to you to take the time and figure out what will work. And when your pet “gets it,” they don’t forget it!

Help! I need to train my cat to use a MeowSpace!

The biggest question from new MeowSpacers: “How do I train my cat to use a MeowSpace?” There are many ways train pets to use the MeowSpace®, and the system described below works for most. However, there are exceptions to every rule, and many of our customers have shared their unique ideas with us over the years. Most important, remember to make use of our Customer Helpline 1-855-MEOWSPACE (1-855-636-9772). We will work with you every step of the way. Our team’s successful track record is amazing because we all want very much to see you succeed.

Here are the basics with which to start:

  1. Begin by putting the MeowSpace where you intend to keep it.
  2. Tape the door open for a couple of days to allow all of the pets in the home to become accustomed to it being there. It’s ok if all of them explore inside and out. Encourage exploration by leaving toys or treats inside. This will help your cat learn that the doorway is the entrance and exit.
  3. During this time, place the collar access device on the collar of the cat who will be using the MeowSpace, so they can get used to it being on their collar.
  4. After a couple of days, untape and close the door of the MeowSpace. Continue to allow your pets to explore around it.
  5. Plan a chunk of time, several times a day, to teach your MeowSpace cat how to enter the enclosure. If possible, put all other pets in another room during the training.
  6. Place a treat or a toy inside the MeowSpace, or your cat’s food will work, too.
  7. Slowly and gently take your cat over to the MeowSpace and place him with his head in an entering position. Hold him under his chest with one hand, and gently help him to push against the door with his head using your other hand. If he’s wearing the magnet for the magnetic system door, he will feel a bit of a tug downward, and the door will unlatch. You will hear a click, and if you push him gently forward, the door will open. If he is using the RFID tag for the RFID system door, you will hear a “CH” sound when the door has unlatched. With either system, use your free hand to help him push the door open. If he balks, you push the door open so he can see that it opens.
  8. Repeat this process several times a day, for as many days as it takes for your cat to get the idea. It could take minutes or a month. But when they get it, they get it forever.
Child training cat to use a MeowSpace.
So easy a child can train a cat to use a MeowSpace.

The way the MeowSpace works is very simple: It is a ventilated enclosure with a locking pet door. Pets with an access device (a collar magnet, a collar RFID tag, or an embedded Microchip ID programmed to the door) will be able to enter. They have unrestricted access to their food, a litter box, or a safe haven from other pets. So, pets without a collar magnet or programmed access device will not be able to enter. And programming is so easy. We will walk you through every step if you would like us to do so. Whether you need to keep dogs or other cats away from a litter box or keep other pets away from another’s food, the MeowSpace brings peace and sanity to your multiple-pet household.

Buy a MeowSpace Now!

separate cats when eating with meowspace
Here’s how the MeowSpace works to keep food away from the other cat.

Do cat litter and food mix well in close proximity? No, not really. Cats should not have their litter and food in close quarters, and especially not in the same enclosure. They can both fit, but that doesn’t make it the right thing to do for your kitty.

separate cats while eating
One MeowSpace® for the cat food.

dog-proof cat litter box enclosure
One MeowSpace® for the cat litter.

Casey & Berdell Moffett-Chaney and their son, Corey Bruesch, invented MeowSpace. (For more info on each of them, see our About MeowSpace page.)

In a nutshell, MeowSpace was invented by people like yourselves; cat lovers who deeply wished to care properly for their furry kids, but found themselves struggling with ways to do that, specifically, around food issues. They never intended to be running a business and came into doing so quite suddenly, without the usual financial preparation or business training. As more of their friends asked for their help, more vets found out about MeowSpace (which didn’t yet have a name), and the rest is history.

The MeowSpace door opening works fine for most. Even cats with a lot of bulk can get through (think about how they get themselves under houses and into small boxes). Cats have a way of fitting themselves through amazingly small openings. Their skeletal system allows them to be quite flexible. They have no rigid collarbone like we humans, so they have a much greater range of movement in their shoulders. In addition, the vertebrae (segments) in their backbones can twist and turn in ways that human vertebrae cannot. They’re built to sneak into mighty small places, and if you have a cat, you know how true that is!

The MeowSpace door opening is quite sufficient for even the largest cats, and we’ve never had any customers tell us it was too small, even for huge cats.

One thing to remember is that we guarantee your success or your money back (see Our Guarantee). You can also trade from one door to another (up or down in price) and we will adjust the cost, refunding the appropriate amount if necessary.

Each situation is different, and a lot will depend upon your commitment. Some cats pick it up in an instant, and some take several weeks. Usually, once you make a firm decision to work consistently with your pet, success happens within a week.

It is vitally important for you to make use of our personal services before giving up. We have discovered numerous tricks and ideas that work when nothing else has. Call us. Be patient and trust the process. It will be well worth it to you to take the time and figure out what will work. And when your pet “gets it,” they don’t forget it!

The MeowSpace is ventilated throughout the enclosure. At each corner, from top to bottom, there is a 1/4″ space that allows air to flow through. On the top, along the line of the hinge, is another 1/4″ space.

MeowSpace ventilation
Each corner of the MeowSpace is ventilated from top to bottom.

The Following is Included With Your MeowSpace:

MeowSpace® Enclosure
…ready-to-assemble, all parts included, so no tools needed. We will help you with this every step of the way, so you need not to spend unnecessary time getting it together. It usually takes about 15 minutes or less.

Locking Pet Door
…ready to set up or program. Magnetic, microchip, or microchip with timer, and we send it pre-installed. If you need our help, we are a phone call away. Or you can email us and we will call you back.

Collar Magnet
…if a Magnetic System is ordered.
(You will only need to order extra magnet tags if you have more than one pet using the MeowSpace®. For example, if you have a dog and two cats, and are using the MeowSpace® to hold a litter box so that your dog cannot get to the cat litter, you will want to have a magnet tag on each of the cats so that they can access the litter box at any time).

• Warranty and Directions

The MeowSpace is made from washable, high-quality polymer plastic.

The Bully Barriers™ panels are very important to the success of the MeowSpace®. They are there to allow your MeowSpace® pet to enter and exit the MeowSpace® without allowing other animals to push their way in during the entering/exiting process.

When you receive your MeowSpace®, you will find 4 small plastic square bumpers in the bag with the access tag. Once you set up your MeowSpace®, situate the Bully Barriers™ so that they are just wide enough to allow your MeowSpace® pet through them. Stick one bumper on the base panel on each side of each Bully Barrier™ panel to hold the panel in place. The bumpers come off relatively easy if you decide to change the width of the Bully Barrier™ panels.

bully barriers
Add on the Bully Barriers™ (included with each system) to keep other pets from sneaking in while the MeowSpacer is entering or exiting.

We found that making MeowSpace clear had several advantages, both aesthetic and utilitarian. For one thing, it’s attractive, and can easily be placed in any room and look very nice. Our first prototypes were not clear. In fact, they were wood. But plastic does not retain odors, and we found that using clear plastic had several advantages.

Being clear, it goes with any color scheme. Also, we found that cats enjoy being able to see their food or litter box. They’ll walk by, look at it, and walk on. They also enjoy being able to see outside from within the MeowSpace®. Our cat will often go in to eat, then just sit there or lay down and watch the activity from inside. It’s also a way for them to have privacy without feeling like they have to be away from us. This works especially well for pets who are bullied by other pets. Some people place a blanket inside along with the food bowl.

Clear MeowSpace
Clear MeowSpace in a kitchen.

The MeowSpace dimensions:  30″ long, 16″ wide, 16″ tall. The actual enclosed area is 24″ x 16″ x 16″. The extra 6 inches is the front porch, which is used to stabilize the Bully Barriers™, and can be used to place a pot of catnip or wheat grass.

magnetic door cat feeding station
30″ long, 16″ wide, 16″ tall. The actual enclosed area is: 24″ x 16″ x 16″.

When deciding the best materials for the MeowSpace®, we found that a MeowSpace made of wood or metal would be too heavy, would hold odors, and would be way too expensive to manufacture (meaning way too expensive for anyone to purchase). Thus, the MeowSpace® enclosure is made out of fully washable, clear, durable, high-quality, polymer plastic. It comes ready to assemble without the need for tools or adhesives.

Depending upon the system you order, a multi-magnetic locking pet door, radio frequency RFID locking pet door, OR a microchip system locking pet door (needing no collar, but requiring your pet to be microchipped) is pre-installed into the front panel for immediate use. The plastic MeowSpace® is lightweight for easy cleaning and moving.

Need Help?

When you buy MeowSpace, you buy unlimited service and integrity.