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What is a MeowSpace?


A Pet Feeding Station

MeowSpace is a selective-access cat feeding enclosure that uses your pet’s microchip or a magnetic collar to grant entry. If your pet has already been microchipped, the MeowSpace system easily recognizes the chip. No need to know the brand name or the ID numbers of the chip. Two simple button pushes and that pet, and only that pet, is programmed to enter the MeowSpace. MeowSpace also offers the ability to program the same enclosure for multiple pets. If your pet hasn’t been microchipped, we offer an optional collar tag chip that works exactly the same way.

A Litter Box Enclosure

The MeowSpace pet feeding or litter box station features a ventilated design with a locking pet door that allows entry with a special collar magnet or via your pet’s already embedded microchip (no programming needed—just a push of a button to set the microchip to the door). We designed the MeowSpace for cats and small dogs to solve a variety of problems related to feeding and litter box concerns. MeowSpace lets the right pets in and keeps the wrong pets out to easily separate pets when they eat, use the litter box or for pet privacy. Use MeowSpace to keep the litter box away from children and other pets.

separate cats and dogs while eating
meowspace microchip pet station
A Pet Safety Station

The Microchip Timer System Access works exactly like the microchip system, but has an extra feature. MeowSpace includes the functionality to set the door to unlock during certain times, several times a day. For example, if you work 12-hour shifts and you want to feed your cat twice a day you can use MeowSpace to keep your cat on schedule while you’re at work. Feed your cat before you leave for work and then put the next meal in the MeowSpace. Program the MeowSpace to unlock at a certain time and your cat’s microchip allows entrance to the space. The MeowSpace makes a slight sound that pets become accustomed to hearing. Time to eat!

Problem Solved

Buy a MeowSpace today to solve your multi-pet household feeding and litter box problems.