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How to Separate Cats When Feeding – Mews, A Very Quick MeowSpace® Learner!

How to Separate Cats When Feeding 

Received from a  MeowSpace® customer, T. Marie S., from San Francisco:

Mews (inside) & Rothco (observer outside). Door is taped up as suggested during the training process.
Mews (inside) & Rothco (observer outside). Door is taped up as suggested during the training process.

Hi Casey,

 I just wanted to send you a quick update–the Meowspace arrived very quickly, and when we found an evening early last week to set it up we were both surprised that it only took a few minutes!  Excellent instructions, very easy to follow.  
We taped open the door for two days and fed the cats some treats inside so they were very comfortable with it.  Then it was time to teach Mews, the Meowspace cat, how to use it.  It only took one time!  I spent 20 or so minutes showing him how it works, motivating him to come in and out with his favorite treat, bonito flakes.  He didn’t really push the door by himself with me there, and both going in and out I had to start him gently on his way through, but it was late so I put some dry food inside and went to bed.  In the morning the food inside the Meowspace was gone, and Mews had successfully gone in and out by himself that very night, and has ever since.  He may be the easiest Meowspacer ever.  He is probably not typical, but he’s proof that there are at least some cats that apparently “get it” on the first try!

To our great relief he has already put on a few ounces and we are sure will have no problem maintaining a healthy weight now that he can easily graze all day as he pleases.  Rothko, our overeater, was understandably frustrated being able to see but not get at a bowl of delicious food inside the Meowspace, but she seems to be getting over it and able to more or less ignore it now.  We are very happy customers–thanks for inventing this!

As you can see from the photo, Rothco is learning his place on the outside, while Mews is enjoying his food on the inside. Thanks so much, Marie, for taking the time to write, and the permission to publish your story!
Keep in touch,


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