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Fat Cat Skinny Cat – Mello and Jupiter

Feline diseases like diabetes can be controlled by making sure your kitties get the right food, all the time!
Mellow eats while Jupiter watches. Finally, Kim has a way to get both cats to their healthy weight without having to police them at all.

Fat Cat Skinny Cat

With a MeowSpace®, Jupiter Loses Weight, Mello Gains Confidence

A fat cat skinny cat success story from Kim J, a MeowSpacer in New York:

Here is a picture of Jupiter, my overweight kitty trying to gain access! Mello, my underweight one is well on her way to gaining more confidence. Right now she needs a nudge to gain entry and is quite adept on how to exit. So far, so good.

Update: My overweight cat goes to the vet on Thurs and I’m going to give them one of your brochures.

Update: We had success this morning…I heard the CH sound and Mello was eating her breakfast!

Additional Update: Casey, we DEFINITELY have success in my household!

Kim J., New York, NY


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