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How Can I Keep My Dog From Eating My Cat’s Poop?

Keep my dog from eating my cat’s poop

A recent email from a visitor to our site:


I’m looking at your site, and I must be missing something. I have a little dog like the one in your video. He’s a long-haired wiener dog, and I can’t keep him out of my cat’s litter box. I can understand how a large dog can be kept out, but my dog would just follow my cat right into the Meowspace. Your endorsements are convincing, but what about small dogs?

Thank you for your question. The door of the MeowSpace® is a LOCKING pet door, and it is locked shut, so your dog cannot get inside. Your cat has a collar device (either a magnetic for the Magnetic Locking Door System, or an RFID for the Radio Frequency Identification Device system) that unlocks the door when your cat’s head begins to enter the MeowSpace®. Your dog, not having a device to unlock the door, cannot enter. And our Bully Barriers™ make sure your dog cannot sneak in behind your cat. No more doggie poopie mouth!









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