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Dog Proof Cat Feeder / Litter Box — MeowSpace®

Keep the Dog Out

No more “Kitty Roca” snacks for Kooper!

Whether you want to keep a dog away from the cat’s food or its litter, the MeowSpace® is the perfect answer.

Tom and Maisha describe the scenario in their household before getting their MeowSpace®:

We live in a small apartment with one bedroom and one small bathroom. We have two cats (Fred & Wilma) and a Miniature Poodle (Maxie). Maxie came to us as a rescue last year, and he is the smartest, cutest dog we’ve ever had. He loved the cats right off, and though it took a couple of weeks, the cats came to love him, too.

One morning we awakened as usual and went to clean the cats’ litter box. That’s where “usual” ended. We use clumping litter, and habitually, our cats manufacture their Kitty Roca over night. This particular morning, there was no Roca, and the hardened puddles were exploded into small pieces. We figured the cats were just playing that night.

The next morning we woke to the same situation. Our new doggie came romping up on our bed to play with us, and we noticed litter all over his mouth area, and stuck like glue to his little poodle beard. Now we knew where the Roca went. Maxie was eating the cat poop. We needed a dog proof litter box.

From that moment on, we were constantly watching, waiting, and then pouncing to keep Maxie out of the litter box. At night, we would be lying in bed watching a movie with one ear listening for the tell-tale sounds of Maxie in the litter again. This meant constantly jumping out of bed and yelling while running to stop the litter invasion once again. I’m sure our cats thought we were absolutely nuts.

We didn’t want to close our door with Maxie inside with us all night because our cats liked to sleep with us, and were accustomed to doing so. The one night we tried that was a night without sleep. The cats were clawing to get inside, and the dog was clawing to get outside.

We got on the internet and started typing in the problem we were having. We were linked to the MeowSpace® site and stood there staring at it like a deer in the headlights. We couldn’t believe we’d found the answer so quickly and simply. We ordered it immediately, then called MeowSpace® to ask questions later. We talked to Casey, who listened to our story and gave us tips for training. She also surprised us by sending us the extra magnet and a litter pan at no charge.

It’s been over a year now, and there is no way to adequately describe our gratitude for having found the MeowSpace®. We have turned several of our friends onto it, too. Today, it stands proudly in our living room next to the couch, hosting our now dog proof litter box as the most interesting conversation piece!

Thanks so much. Sorry it took so long for us to write this!

Happy MeowSpacers,

Tom and Maisha

(Note: T & M coined the word “MeowSpacers,” and now we’ve started using it! What about tee shirts with “I’m A MeowSpacer! R U?”)


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