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Dog Eats Kitty Roca (Cat Poop, the way it looks in clumping litter)

dog eats litterDog Eats Cat Poop — A Kitty Roca Addict

As you can easily see by the photo, a covered cat litter box is no guarantee against a dog getting into the cat litter. This is where a MeowSpace® comes to the rescue. Simply place a litter box in the MeowSpace®, put the locking pet door access devices on your cats, and relax.

Let me digress a bit here. When we invented the MeowSpace®, the only thing we had in mind was keeping our fat cat out of our skinny cat’s food. As more and more of our friends asked us to make one for them, well, they became our beta testers. Some of them asked us for a second MeowSpace®, and told us they had a dog or dogs whom they could not keep out of the cats’ litter.

We couldn’t see how it could work, given the fact that cat litter boxes are usually rather large. Then we went to our first cat show, where hundreds of cats were confined to small cubbies, and used litter boxes the size of a small cigar box. I was amazed, and very happy to learn, that cats really don’t notice size all that much. Litter is litter.

I should have known that, given what I’ve seen. We had a friend over, who brought her very large Labrador. In front of our eyes, our cat went over to his water bowl and, well, you can guess what happened. Having thought about that incident, I was convinced that my friends were right. A small litter box would do just fine.

We discovered that a 14″X12″ plastic dish washing pan from the Dollar Tree is perfect as a MeowSpace® litter box. We don’t have a dog right now, but we wanted to see if our cat, Mitchell, would learn to use it. He picked it up in an instant.

Keep litter flinging contained!
Keep litter flinging contained, too!

Within a short span of time, the beta testers who used a MeowSpace® to hold the cat litter box began reporting some unexpected and surprising results. Not only did their cats use it easily, several of them stopped flinging the litter as well. “I was surprised to see that, not only did my cat use the litter box and cover his ‘Roca,’ he also stopped flinging his litter all over the place.”

Another beta tester commented, “The flip top lid [on the MeowSpace®] made it simple to clean and change the litter.”

Another multi-pet household problem solved.



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