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My Dog’s Eating the Cat Food

Can the Cat Food and Litter Go Into One MeowSpace®?


My dog is eating the cat food, and I think the MeowSpace® is the solution I have been seeking. I really like the fact that it holds my entire cat. The RFID food bowls that are out there leave the cat vulnerable to the unwanted bullying of my dog, so I’m hoping your solution will work.

My question is, can I also put the cat’s litter box in the MeowSpace® at the same time?

Thanks for your MeowSpace® question. You can, but I wouldn’t advise it. Cats are particular about their food and litter, and they usually don’t like having their food close to their litter. This could result in your cat creating a new litter box somewhere in your home, like your bed, your bathtub, behind your living room couch, and the like.

I’m assuming that your dog also likes to get into the “kitty roca” as well as your cat’s food. My advice is to get two magnetic system MeowSpaces, one for the food and the other for the litter. If you decided to do this, let us know what it is for, and we will be sure to include a litter pan at no charge!

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