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Feline Obesity

Feline Obesity: Your cat’s health is at stake.

Feline obesity was a problem. Not anymore.

Feline obesity is a huge problem in the cat world. It causes early onset arthritis, feline diabetes, kidney and bladder problems, and heart disease, to name a few.

Overfeeding your kitty isn’t usually the problem in multiple-pet households. It’s having to manage how much your cat eats due to having to feed the other household pets. Overeater cats don’t discriminate. They’ll eat their own food plus the other food sitting around. Chances are that your other pets don’t get enough food because your overeating cat is eating theirs. And if by chance you discover this, you keep refilling the food bowls to make sure your other pets don’t starve. In the mean time, Fat Kitty gets fatter, and more unhealthy.

MeowSpace® is a food segregation system that works to keep your overeater cat from eating the other pets’ food, without having to segregate your pets from each others’ company all day. The goal is to end feline obesity in your household. The MeowSpace® system also keeps pets from bullying one another around feeding time. The patented Bully Barriers™ around the door make it possible for your MeowSpace® user to enter or exit without trouble from your other pets.

The MeowSpace® guarantee offers prospective MeowSpace® buyers a more secure decision in trying out a product that is new to the market. Contact us for more information about MeowSpace®. You will feel much better about your ability to control your pet’s health where food is concerned.

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