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Cat Feeding Problems

What are your cat feeding problems?

Cat feeding problems seem to be prevalent in this day of “indoor cats.” Keeping cats indoors is becoming increasingly popular. Go to almost any animal adoption center, and you will find that the contract you sign when adopting a cat requires you to agree to keep your cat indoors. There is a good reason for this. It has been found that cats who are kept as “indoor cats” live longer and have healthier lives. No cars, stray dogs, or natural predators such as coyotes or hawks exist within our homes, so your cats are not subject to imminent death at a young age.feeding_time_for_all_my_friends

Simply put, cats who live completely indoors can’t hunt, so the usual feline food fare of rodents and birds is unavailable to them. This is especially true for cats who reside in apartment complexes in big, busy cities like LA or New York City. The MeowSpace might be just what you need.

I am not, at this writing, going to endorse or debate the pros and cons of feeding various kinds of diets to our indoor cats; I am simply saying that whatever diet is chosen, there are usually cat feeding problems that accompany it.

1) Finicky eaters – those cats who are very picky about the food they eat – some would rather starve than eat what we want them to eat.

2) Two or more cats who are both finicky eaters.

3) Two or more cats who need to eat special food but prefer to eat each other’s instead.

4) Having to feed your cat on top of the kitchen counters so the dog can’t get to it.

5) Work hours or a career that makes it difficult to feed your cat(s) at appropriate times.

For some of these problems, there is only trial and error, or asking for regular help from friends, family or neighbors. But for others of these problems, there is MeowSpace. The MeowSpace is solving cat feeding problems worldwide. Take a look at the MeowSpace solution, and see if it isn’t the answer you’ve been seeking.

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