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Cat Feeding Device Solves Cat Adoption Problems

MeowSpace® Solves Cat Adoption Problems

One of my friends who works in a large no-kill cat shelter was saying that she often has difficulty getting people to adopt more than one cat due to cat feeding problems. There are many reasons that cats need to eat different food, or must be restricted from certain foods.

Portland-20110504-00081-300x225In our home, one of our cats needs to eat only wet food, and the other only dry (we sometimes call them Jack Sprat and Wife). This has made it necessary for us to use two MeowSpace® enclosures. Mitchell, the dry food cat, was the first cat ever to step into a MeowSpace®. He has been using the magnetic system for the last 4 years. When we had to change Flopsie to an all wet food diet, we learned that Mitchell liked the wet food, but it caused him several dietary problems. That meant we had to teach Flopsie to use a MeowSpace® as well. In order for Mitchell to not get into her MeowSpace®, we had to use the RFID system for Flopsie. So, we have two systems at work, and neither cat can get into the other’s system.

The process works so well, that we suggested to our friend she tell prospective multiple pet adopters that they have a very workable option if they want to adopt more than one cat, but want to avoid the kind of cat feeding problems they are worried about. In fact, we offered to give her shelter a good discount if they could convince people to adopt more than one pet by adding in a MeowSpace®. I guess it’s going to take time for the MeowSpace® to become a household word, but it is getting there slowly but surely.

If you are one of those folks who would adopt more than one cat if your cat feeding problems were solved by the MeowSpace®, contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.



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How much does one cost? How do you order it?

Thanks for your help.
Robin Caldwell

Hi Robin,
If you go to you can see the prices and order right from that page. If you have any questions, see our contact page and you can call us direct or email us.

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