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Feline Diabetes Treatment


Feline Diabetes in Multiple Cat Households: The Story of Sam & Mala

Feline diabetes treatment is possible and can be highly successful using a MeowSpace®.

Sam had been around quite a few years when he was diagnosed with feline diabetes. Mala, a feisty, active and friendly girl, tolerated Sam but made it a point to let him know who was boss. Sam, also friendly but more subdued, let Mala think she was in charge, but held his own quite well, thank you very much.

Sam’s human mom, Rosemary, worked during the day, so when Sam needed to eat a special diet to control his diabetes, there were problems. Both cats refused to eat all of their food at once, so the food was left down while they were alone at home all day. It became apparent that Sam was chowing down on Mala’s food, and the results were showing medically. His diabetes symptoms continued to worsen, and Rosemary was at her wit’s end.

One day, while visiting us, Rosemary noticed our feeding station, now called the MeowSpace®. She asked if we would make one for her. Mala became the 2nd cat in the universe to use a MeowSpace®, and within 2 months, due to Sam not being able to access Mala’s food anymore, Sam’s diabetes went into remission. He stayed relatively healthy for a good period of time after that, though being a senior cat who had suffered for years with his feline diabetes, he eventually succumbed to it. Did the MeowSpace® help him to add time to his long life? Both Rosemary and their veterinarian (Southgate Animal Clinic) think so. And not only time, but quality of life.

The importance of food in the treatment of feline diabetes cannot be overstated. Feeding the correct food is paramount to success. Cats saddled with feline diabetes in multiple cat households are at the mercy of their humans’ abilities to keep control over what they eat, and when that doesn’t happen, the diabetic cat is the one who suffers.

The MeowSpace®, hands down, offers the best solution to controlling cats’ food habits in multiple pet homes. Rosemary recognized this the moment she laid eyes on our MeowSpace®, and with her help, support and encouragement, the MeowSpace® was refined and offered to the world via the internet. Sadly, Sam is no longer with us, but he goes down in kitty history as the first cat to have his life made easier because of his MeowSpace®.




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