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Another Fat Cat Skinny Cat Success Story


Fat Cat Skinny Cat

This just in from another happy MeowSpace® user:

“For over eight years our kitty that is too heavy ate the food of our kitty that is too thin.  In just three days the thin kitty learned how to enter MeowSpace.  Now she is gaining weight in the comfort and security of her own space.  And the stealing food kitty is losing [weight].  Thank you so very much for an easy solution!” -Terry Andrews

Terry did everything right. First, she bought a MeowSpace®. When she received it, she called us for support and help to clarify her understanding of the workings of the multi-magnetic locking pet door that was included with her particular unit. She discussed training ideas with me, and did everything we talked about. She called me direct to let me know that it only took one day for her kitty to learn to use the MeowSpace®.

Thanks, Terry, for proving the amazing effectiveness of the MeowSpace®, and for taking the time to call me, write up a supportive statement, and allowing me to post it. Give Lucy and Ethel a big hug for all of us at MeowSpace®!


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