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Keep My Cats From Eating the Dog Food


Cat eating the dog food!cat eats dog food

Hi MeowSpace,

I have a problem you don’t mention on your site. My cats (really just cat – only one does this) eat my dog’s food. He’s a small terrier who likes to nibble on his food all day, so the food stays down while I go to work. I don’t want to separate my three pets from each other all day while I’m gone, but I didn’t know what else to do until I came across your product.

Right now, I just feed the cats on the kitchen counter so my terrier can’t get to their food. But his food is another matter. I’m going to get the magnetic meowspace and train my dog to use it, and if it works as well as I think it might, I’ll get the rfid meowspace for the cats to use so I can stop feeding my cats on the counter.

Anyway, just wanted to mention the shoe on the other foot scenario. Maybe it can help others with cats who love dog food.

Teri in Anaheim

Postscript: The Magnetic door system she was using at the time was not built for dogs with longer snouts. The collar magnet hung too far away, so it never could open the latch. However, Teri did begin to use the same MeowSpace® for her cats, keeping them off the counter. In 2012, a door system came out that did work with small dogs, so she got the RFID for her dog.


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