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Magnetic Cat Feeder Box — MeowSpace®

Magnetic Cat Feeder BoxMeow_Space-22

The MeowSpace® Magnetic Cat Feeder Box / Litter Enclosure works via a magnet attached to your pet’s collar.

As your cat begins to enter, the magnet hangs at just the right place to trigger the latch to unlock. The moment the flap is opened and your cat is entering, the latch goes back to the lock position. This way, when your cat is fully inside and the flap swings shut, it is locked so that other pets cannot get inside the enclosure.

The magnetic system works very well, and even the smallest, feeblest cats seem not to notice the magnet hanging on their collars. We offer collars for sale, but almost any collar will do, so if your kitty already has one, simply attach the magnet to the collar.




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[…] skinny cat, who was skinny because his food was always gone before he could eat it. They ordered a Magnetic System MeowSpace®, and MeanSkinny Cat began getting his food inside the MeowSpace®. He wore a magnetic collar tag, […]

[…] to get into the “kitty roca” as well as your cat’s food. My advice is to get two magnetic system MeowSpaces, one for the food and the other for the litter. If you decided to do this, let us know what it is […]

I have video of my naughty cat breaking into the meow space. Can I send it to u to get your advice?

Please do! We want to see how crafty kitties get around our best efforts. Thanks!

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