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RFID Cat Feeder Box — MeowSpace®


RFID Entry System Door
RFID Entry System Door

MeowSpace® RFID Cat Feeder Box

The MeowSpace® RFID cat feeder box enclosure works much like the MeowSpace® Magnetic Cat Feeder, but using an RFID collar tag instead of a magnetic collar tag. While the magnetic tag works by a slight tugging downward to unlatch the locked flap as your cat enters, the RFID tag triggers the latch to unlock electronically as your cat enters. The cat begins to push on the door, and there is a “CH” sound. They soon associate that sound with the opening of the door.

4 AA Batteries are required, but they are included in your MeowSpace® when you receive it, and we always pre-program the RFID tag before shipping. That way, all you need to do is unpack the MeowSpace®, set it up where you want it, and begin the training process.

Both feeding systems work equally well. If two or more feeding systems are needed, one can be the magnetic feeder, and the other(s) would need to be the RFID systems. This is because the RFID systems can all be programmed differently.

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