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The MeowSpace Ventilated Cat Enclosure

Is the MeowSpace ventilated?

Yes! The MeowSpace® Feeding and Litter Box Enclosure is VENTILATED! Always has been. Take a good look at the photo at the corner edges of the MeowSpace® enclosure. MeowSpace frontYou’ll see, if you look from the top of the corner straight downward to the bottom, that there is a 1/4″ space from top to bottom. This occurs at each corner.

In addition, the top, which opens for changing food or litter, also has a 1/4″ space along the line of the hinge.

The importance of this ventilation is many-fold. Among the benefits: your kitty can breathe (duh!), and odors from food or litter dissipate slowly without creating an unbearable stench. Also, due to the dissipation of odors, cats are much less likely to refuse entry to their litter box, if  the litter box is kept in a MeowSpace®.

So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a MeowSpace®, but have been concerned about the ventilation, you need worry no more.





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