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Veterinarians Using MeowSpace

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Veterinarians Using MeowSpace find answers for themselves as well as their clients

When veterinarian Donna Shannon of The Cat Hospital of Tampa Bay, called me about the MeowSpace®, she wondered if several cats could use the same enclosure with which to eat. Three of her old cats were being bullied away from their food and she was hoping the MeowSpace® would change that scenario. The answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!”

Upon receiving her MeowSpace®, Dr. Shannon set it up and left the door open for all of her cats to explore. In that time, she discovered that several of her “red devil tribe” rambunctious cats managed to knock it all apart, over and over. She was concerned that the MeowSpace® would not work for her because of her aggressive kitties. We talked it over, came up with some ideas for her to try, and the result, well, in Dr. Shannon’s words:

(January 3, 2012)

“Just wanted to give a quick update on how things are going- after the initial 10 days or so, when I left the box open for all to explore, my “red devil tribe” managed to knock it apart several more times;  I was beginning to think it would never work with these cats, but now they leave it alone and my 3 little old girls are going in & out on their own and eating in peace!  They just started going in on their own about 4 days ago. I’ll keep you posted!”

(February 1 , 2012)

“The old girls are all 3 using it many times a day and gaining weight!  No one has mangaed to knock it down.  I had an issue briefly where the door was sticking open after they left because I had the bumpers set too close together, it’s working fine now though.”

Thanks, Dr. Shannon, for taking the time to write!

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