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Laura Speirs, The Kitty Sitter and Kitty Counselor


Laura Speirs, The Kitty Sitter and Kitty Counselor

Providence Happens

Every now and then, without our conscious realization, the timing, circumstances and idiosyncrasies of life come together and set the foundation of our destinies. Meeting Laura Speirs in 1995 was one such example. Before telling you more about her, I want you to understand why she is so important to me, personally, and to MeowSpace®.

Laura (pronounced “Lara”) is the person who introduced me to the amazing world of cats. At the time, my family was all about dogs. We had two of them, but never a cat. Over the years knowing Laura, my understanding and awareness of the feline species kept increasing in a positive way, despite my best efforts at disinterest and (yes, I’ll admit it) stubborn ignorance.

Long story short, in 2006, we happened upon a 6 month old abandoned kitty. Unbeknown to us, this cat (the one in the MeowSpace® on our home page), who we named “Mitchell” after the street where he adopted us…er…we adopted him (yeah, right!), hatched his scheme to be a part of our two-dog household. It didn’t take much. Laura had already paved the way for us to appreciate him. What she didn’t tell us was how manipulative cats could be. He forced me to pick him up, and then ceremoniously wrapped his arms around my neck. I knew I was in deep trouble, so I called the only person I knew who could help me: Laura Speirs, The Kitty Sitter and Kitty Counselor extraordinaire.

Laura advised us as to how to introduce Mitchell to our dogs, what to feed him, how to care for him, how to serve his every need. We followed directions. Then came 2007, a very sad year for us. We lost both our old dogs within months of one another, and Mitchell was now alone. He had loved the dogs and was a very social little guy, so Laura thought he would do well with another cat. At the time, Laura was volunteering at a local, very large, no-kill cat shelter. We met her there, and with her help, found Flopsie, who turned out to be our piggy piggy cat, our “mews” you might say, who was the reason and inspiration for the invention of the MeowSpace®. From meeting Laura in 1995 to MeowSpace®—this is destiny. Given the fact that the MeowSpace® is now helping people all over the country, that 1995 meeting becomes the all important catalyst for the sanity of cat lovers everywhere. Without Laura’s all important influence, I would have taken Mitchell to a shelter (it hurts me just to say that!).

So who is Laura Speirs?

Laura is an accomplished professional opera singer, pottery thrower, and dedicated cat shelter volunteer, who took the risk of following her heart and became The Kitty Sitter. Her clean and bright home in Beaverton, OR is designed for the comfort and care of cats, whether they are her own rescues or the cats of families going on vacation. Each bedroom is a kitty heaven, complete with cat trees, wall perches, and windows. cat boarding page The lucky feline who gets a vacation with Laura receives the love and expertise of a person who knows them inside and out. She is an expert in cat talk.

The Kitty Counselor

Laura specializes in consulting with humans about issues of utmost importance to the well-being of their cats, and ultimately the joy we experience from our relationships with them. Cat behaviors are not much different from our own. We are affected by the changes of our lives, and we act out. So do cats. Talk to Laura before the baby is born; before another pet is introduced into the home; before moving. Says Laura, “Without proper preparation and consideration with these kinds of changes, the poor cats are at a serious disadvantage, and things can turn south very quickly.”

Her mantra: “Remember, when your cat is not being its best self, loving patience, NOT punishment, is called for.”

Laura addresses issues such as: Problems with litter box compliance; Inappropriate scratching; Preparing your cat for the arrival of a new baby; Aggression with other cats or with people; How to choose a great buddy for the cat you already have; How to introduce a new animal into your home; Urine marking (spraying) behavior; Creating a stimulating, cat-friendly environment in your home; Accommodations in your living arrangement for senior cats; Creating a kitten-safe home and kitten training; How to transition an outdoor cat to indoor only.

Laura is the author of the eBook: Walking Hand and Paw With Your New Kitten, a Guardian’s Manual, and she has written many free educational articles.

Regarding MeowSpace®, it was Laura who encouraged us to make it available to the public. Her belief in the value of MeowSpace® to the cat world was essential in our decision to take the leap into the world of advertisement and sales, a world as foreign to us as was cats at one time. We thank you, Laura, for all you have been as a friend, and all you are to the world of furry love.


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Thank you for singing Laura’s praises! She was an angel in my life too. Laura introduced me to Murray when she worked at the shelter. I went every weekend for a month looking for a companion for my recently diagnosed FIV+ cat Sparky. However I wasn’t bonding with any of the cats. During that time my fiance left me and it became sadder and more important to chose the right companion. She insisted Murray would be a good match for us. Murray had become so depressed at the shelter it was hard to tell who he was. But she was right. Within months his real self bloomed. He was one of the most sentient, patient, funny, mischievous and present beings I’ve ever known. He’s been gone for over a year and we all miss him terribly. Laura became a friend and I’ll always be thankful to her for guiding me through a terrible time and finding love in the form of Murray.

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