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Automatic Super Feeder Works Well With the MeowSpace®


Super Feeder in MeowSpaceMeowSpace® + Automatic Super Feeder = Double Success!

One of the wonderful benefits of creating personalized connections with MeowSpace® users is that I am learning more ways that the MeowSpace® is being utilized.

One of our clients, who uses three RFID MeowSpaces, just told me that he has a kitty who is so hungry all day long that he purchased an automatic feeder. This feeder releases food in a timed manner so that his hungry cat gets a little bit of food several times per day. He placed the automatic feeder inside the MeowSpace®, strung the electric cord through the ventilation opening in the MeowSpace®, and out to the plug. Using the MeowSpace® and the Super Feeder together, we humans can control:

1) what the cats eat

2) which cats eat which food

3) how much food each cat gets

4) how often each cat gets to eat

5) what times each cat gets to eat

What an ideal situation! So ideal, in fact, that I realized we needed the same solution for our little hungry girl. As of yesterday, Flopsie no longer bugs us to eat all day long because we have added an automatic feeder to her MeowSpace®. She loves it…sits and waits for it to drop her food, and has even come to know when it’s going to happen.

Thanks, Jon, for sharing your excellent idea with me! Our lives are now even less stress-filled around our kitties.


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