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How To Stop My Dog Eating Cat Poop

Dog litter noseYour beloved dog greets you with wagging tail and kisses all over your face. Suddenly you realize he has cat litter on his mouth. So do you. You vow to find a way to keep your pooch from getting to the cat’s poop once and for all. You’ve come to the right place. You’ve come to MeowSpace®.


Is your dog eating cat poop? The best way to keep your dog from eating the cat poop is to, well, KEEP YOUR DOG AWAY FROM THE CAT LITTER! Easier said than done? With the MeowSpace® it’s easier done than said! Your cat can access the litter box within the MeowSpace® because she has a collar device or microchip (no collar needed) that triggers the lock on the door flap to open. Fido is, in the words of the MeowSpace® user below, plum “out of litter luck.”

From Sheila Hagar, blogger, reporter and columnist at the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin in Walla Walla, Washington:

“So you all are aware Cap’n Jack has been outed for his Kitty Roca habit, right? Oh, we took measures, including putting up an annoying baby gate …that we tripped on all the time, then forgot to lock behind us as we limped up the stairs.

Capt. Jack looks so cute and innocent here.
Capt. Jack looks so cute and innocent here.

We’ve been using Meow Space for a month now and all Cap’n Jack can do is gaze longingly through the clear acrylic wall and dream of the days he had unlimited access to manna. HAHAHAHAHAHA, Cap’n Jack! And we’re no longer afraid to kiss [Cap’n Jack].”
Read the whole humorous story…

And Another Happy MeowSpace® User

“Finding your site was a godsend! I’ve been struggling for years having both a cat and small dogs (mostly dachshund/poodle mixes) because the dogs just love cat poo. They get into the litter and dig away… The MeowSpace is definitely the bargain in this story! It’s working perfectly. The cat is happy, and the dogs, well, they’re just plum out of litter luck.” 

-Ron from Roanoke, VA
[Ron now has two MeowSpaces®—one for the litter box, and another for the cat’s food.]

I’ve done a lot of research regarding dogs eating cat poop. The response from the experts seems to be a mixed bag. Some warn of the dangers of dogs getting worms and other bad creepy crawlies from the cat poop, and others say it’s no big deal. Most say it has something to do with the high protein content. But the one thing they all agree upon is the problem of the litter itself getting ingested along with the poo.  Whether clumping, clay, wood chips or sand, cat litter and doggie stomachs don’t match.

No more “Kitty Roca” snacks for Fido!

The MeowSpace® certainly takes care of the problem and saves time, energy and money in the long run.







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Good idea,but the meow space is tiny . My cats litter box wouldn’t even fit in that.

Yes, the litter box needed is smaller than the usual litter box, but the MeowSpace® at 24″x16″x16″ is not really tiny, and many happy kitties are using it successfully for their litter box needs. See our website for photos.

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