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Starving Cat = Mean Cat

IMG00148Starving Cat = Mean Cat – MeowSpace® Made A Vet Tech’s Mean Cat Nice

I LOVE getting letters, phone calls and emails from MeowSpace® owners who have found answers to feeding and litter box issues by putting the MeowSpace® into service. A recent call was from a veterinary technician in Chicago.

She had a problem keeping one of her cats from eating another cat’s food. Cats eating one another’s food is common. In her case, the cat who kept having his food stolen was very skinny, and “mean as a hornet.” Due to this meanness, the vet tech had decided to find him a new home. Before she was to do that, she wanted to try out the MeowSpace® for her vet clinic’s evaluation of its usefulness. They ordered one for her, and she trained Mr. Skinny & Mean Cat to use it.

A funny thing happened. Once Mr. Skinny & Mean Cat was no longer hungry all the time because of his personal MeowSpace®, he suddenly became a sweet, gentle, loving kitty! Whodathunk? Makes sense. I’d be mean as a hornet too if somebody kept eating all my food! Needless to say, Mr. Skinny & Mean Cat is now Mr. Sweetie Pie, and he isn’t going to a new home after all! Feed cats with a MeowSpace® and life becomes sweeter!

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