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Childproofing your home includes the MeowSpace

baby-proof cat feederNow there’s a solution to childproofing your home from pets!

Childproofing your home from pets is an important matter to consider, particularly when it involves things that go into little one’s mouths. Cats and dogs eat (and poop) at toddler level most of the time. Is it any wonder that toddlers find those morsels attractive, even tantalizing?

It’s no longer necessary to deal with unnecessary discipline in your toddler filled home.
MeowSpace easily takes care of that, putting you back in control, literally and figuratively! Imagine not having to worry about where your toddler has crawled off to; not bursting into yelling fits; not cursing the dog or cat for, well, being a dog or cat; not surrendering your dog or cat to a friend, stranger or local shelter just because your toddler refuses to stay out of the food or litter box.

That’s the MeowSpace contribution to childproofing your home. You’ll be glad you chose the MeowSpace solution. More about MeowSpace and How to get one!

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