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Private Litter Box: Use a MeowSpace for the Litter Box

meowspace solves cat litter box problemsDoes your cat need a private litter box because he or she hates sharing with other cats? This is a common problem for many cat loving households, and one main cause for owner surrenders of cats at rescue organizations. I was talking with a friend of mine, who is a veterinary assistant at one of our local shelters, and she surprised me by showing me how many of the cats now housed in their cages were surrendered for no other reason but that they soiled outside the litter box.

There are several reasons cats soil the house instead of in their litter boxes, and one of the main reasons is that they do not like sharing their box with other cats. Another reason is that they want to feel safe while using their litter box, and if another pet harasses them while doing so, it can and does lead to the cat finding safer surroundings for having their daily constitutionals.

Private Litter Box Solution via MeowSpace

The MeowSpace comes to the rescue for each of these scenarios. It provides private litter box space for the litter box finicky cat. The locked pet door, accessible only to the cat with an access device, lets the right pets in and keeps the wrong pets out. For more information about the MeowSpace, see How the MeowSpace Works and About the MeowSpace.