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Resistant Miya, MeowSpace Success Story


Linda shares her cat, Miya’s, MeowSpace Success Story:

You wanted me to let you know how the Meow Space worked for us. Miya (8-years-old) was really resistant, the clicking spooked her. First few days, threw the treats in the box, door taped open no collar charm. Then I added the charm, took another few days to get her convinced that the ‘clicking’ wasn’t going to kill her. I progressed to holding the door open, added treats, but as soon as I closed the door, panic set in, so we had to almost start over. Finally, she calmed down when the door closed and just meowed to get out. After about 2 weeks, she would finally go in to eat if the door remained open.

I gave up, put her food in the box, closed the door and went to bed. She was a very hungry cat for about 2 days. Almost impossible to live with. Response to her cries, “you know where your food is, go in the box”. The 3rd night, I heard her open the box and food was gone in the morning.

It’s cute. She doesn’t head butt the door open, she uses her paw to push it open and it still takes a few tries after almost 3 months. Still has a little jealously when I feed the fat cat – Jenny- looks as if where’s mine? Guilt trip, but I tell her “you know where YOUR food is, go get in your box.”

Good purchase as it works. Jenny is now controlled and finally losing weight.

Thank you for a product that is the answer to fat and skinny dilemma.


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