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Fat Cat Overeats

Fat Cat Overeats and a vet lays down the law

When your fat cat overeats, it gains or maintains the excess weight, and leads the way to other problems, like feline diabetes, feline heart disease, feline arthritis, and the like.

Overcoming the Guilt from your Hungry Cat

I just got off the phone with a woman who called to ask about using the MeowSpace® to keep her very fat cat (not the one in the photo) from eating her other cats’ food. Her vet had literally ordered her to get the MeowSpace®. Her fat cat, 2 years old, was already showing signs of suffering from joint pain, and her blood indicated borderline feline diabetes.

Her other cats were to have their food kept inside the MeowSpace®, and both would have the access devices to enter at will to eat. She was to strictly control the food and feeding of her fat cat (who gobbled down her food within seconds and always wanted more). I suggested she get the Magnetic System MeowSpace® since her cats were all indoor cats, and that would be very cost effective. Both of the thin cats would have the magnet key on their collars.

Kitty Guilt

She had two main concerns. The first:
“I don’t want my fat cat to have her feelings hurt. I wouldn’t want her to think she was being punished by me when she sees the other cats able to get to their food.”

I asked her what she does now when her fat cat goes after the other cats’ food. She laughed when she realized the answer. She sprayed her with water or confined her to her carrier! Ok, 1st problem solved.

The second concern was more difficult. When she fed the prescribed amount to her fat cat, her cat would eat it within 10 seconds and then literally plead for more. She felt so guilty at “starving” her fat cat that she would give her more. In effect, killing her with kindness.

We have to be tough if we want to do right by our kitties. There are special feeding bowls that force a cat to eat slower, which can help in that area, but saying “no” to pleading cat is often more than our bleeding hearts can handle. Nonetheless, it must be done if want our cats to both survive and thrive.

Overcoming the Guilt

The MeowSpace® is an amazingly effective tool, and like any tool, needs to be used effectively to work. That effectiveness is in your hands.

Whatever it takes to convince yourself, at those guilt-ridden moments, that you are saving your beloved pet’s life by giving tough love, do it.

Fat cat’s mom decided to order the Magnetic MeowSpace®. I assured her we were here to help and support her during those guilt-ridden moments. She promised to call us if she felt weak. And we’ll be here to encourage her.

Fat cats are suffering, whether or not it is noticeable. Do all you can to make your “starving cat” healthy again. They deserve your tough love.

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Great post, Casey! I’ve got a “gulper” cat too, and she needs very strict portion control. Yeah, she makes a lot of noise when she wants more, but seeing her romp and play like a kitten (she’s going on 7 now) is the best reward for my discipline. Thank you so much for all you do!

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