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Need to Separate Cats

Multiple-Pet Households Often Need to Separate Cats

Do yourself a favor: If you have ended up on this site and are reading this page, it usually means you or someone you know is struggling with their pets around food or litter issues. This is where those problems can end for good.

The MeowSpace®

Meowspace 2.0
Inroducing MeowSpace® 2.0! Newly designed for stability, strength, style.

A rectangular enclosure with some necessary bells and whistles, and a selective access pet door is eliminating some of the worst negative aspects of multiple-pet ownership. The MeowSpace® allows some pets in and keeps other pets out. This means that access to certain food, or access to the litter box is restricted to the pets you specify.

No more “Kitty Roca” snacks for Fido!

Feeding problems in multi-pet households are rampant around the world. The need to keep cats separated from one another’s food is so common that one of the vets we spoke with in regards to the MeowSpace® claimed, “This is going to be a basic piece of equipment in every multi-pet home that has cats, once people realize it exists!” Our experience is telling us he’s right. Last year alone, our sales literally quadrupled.


The MeowSpace® removes the problem of keeping certain pets away from another’s food (or litter) by creating its own system of separation, without separating pets from one another for hours at a time.

The MeowSpace® naturally relieves us from the constant and exhausting work of policing our pets around their food, and saves us hours of time and aggravation. People who utilize the MeowSpace® in their homes, “MeowSpacers” as we now refer to ourselves, find increased serenity, peace of mind, and joy around our furry family members.

We asked several MeowSpacers to describe their experience in putting the MeowSpace® to work. Here are some quotes:

• “I finally get to sleep a full night’s sleep.”

• “I love my dog again, and he doesn’t hear me yell at him all the time anymore.”

• “The MeowSpace® has given me back my life.”

• “There is peace among my pets for the first time ever.”

• “I feel such relief that my overweight cat is now losing her obesity.”

• “My cat’s diabetes went into remission because she couldn’t get into the wrong food anymore!”

• “How does one express joy at not having to clean up the dog’s vomit every day [due to him eating the cat’s food]? We actually put our [carpet cleaning machine] back in the garage.”

• “Two months using a MeowSpace® has saved me over $50 in extra food. Imagine what a year will mean! Worth every penny!”

Veterinarians enthusiastically endorse MeowSpace®.

Not convinced yet? Ask the vet community.
Concerned you’ll get stuck with something that won’t work? See our guarantee.

Contact me directly with any questions.
Allow me to make it risk-free for you to take a chance on MeowSpace®.

– Casey Moffett-Chaney, CEO, President

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