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Cats and Dogs Feeding Problem

Fido can't get the food in here.
Fido can’t get the food in here.

Do you have a cats and dogs feeding problem?

Does your dog prefer the cat’s food to his own? Better yet…does your dog eat the cat food even after he’s already eaten his own? If so, you have a cats and dogs feeding problem. That can get pretty darned expensive! And it’s not too good for either the dog or the cat.

There is a reason some pet food says “Dog food” and some says “Cat food.” They have different ingredients, different amounts of similar ingredients, different nutrients, and perhaps most important, different percentages of types of ingredients, such as protein. When a dog eats cat food, they get way too much sodium, and due to the high fat and protein, they are at risk of gaining too much weight and/or developing pancreatitis.

If your dog can’t keep away from the cat food, then keep the cat food away from the dog. The MeowSpace® does that for you. By putting the cat’s food inside the MeowSpace®, only the cat (who has the access device) can get to it. The dog is kept away from the food, you save money, and your dog stays healthy. Oh, and the cat won’t mind having their food left alone either!

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