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MeowSpace® Stops Cat From Litter Flinging


Litter Flinging No More!

An Unexpected Perk of Using the MeowSpace®

The MeowSpace® was originally designed to separate food from cats or dogs who should not be eating it, but soon became a favorite with our beta testers for keeping the cat litter box away from the dogs as well. What never crossed our minds to ask about was the litter flinging issue that most of us have with our cats. I recently spoke with one of our multiple MeowSpace® customers who uses three of our MeowSpace® cat boxes (one for the food, one for the litter box, and one with a bed and blanket in it to keep the dogs from bugging the cat). Anyway, I like to check in with people to see how they are doing with their MeowSpaces, so I connected with Tony.

His cats are doing great with all three, and out of the blue, he asked me if we had marketed the MeowSpace® to help with litter flinging issues. Seems one of his cats was notorious for leaving litter all around the litter box, but since using the litter box inside the MeowSpace®, he doesn’t throw litter all over the place anymore.

(I’m thinking it’s because the box is smaller than the average litter box, and my main concern was that it would be too small for a cat to want to use. On the contrary, it seems that cats like using the smaller box. To see if that was consistent with cats in general, we put one of the MeowSpace® sized litter boxes right next to the big one we have used with our cats for years. Imagine our shock to find that they prefer the small one!)

Back to the flinging issue…as I said before, it never crossed my mind that keeping the litter in the MeowSpace® would deter litter flinging, but apparently it does. Another customer confirmed this, and added that even when the litter does find its way out of the litter box, it still stays within the MeowSpace®, and with the flip-top lid opening, she just sucks it out with a small battery charged vacuum.

Has anyone else who uses a MeowSpace® to keep their dogs out of the litter box found that the litter flinging problem has decreased? Chime in!


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