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“Cat” Finds Comfort & Safety with his MeowSpace – A Purrfect Kitty Condo

Kitty Condo for “Cat”

I received an email today from a person who originally bought two MeowSpaces®  for their cat named “Cat.” Seems they have several small dogs who love to eat Cat’s food, as well as Cat’s litter. One MeowSpace® holds the litter box, and the other holds his food and water. With that problem solved, another problem took center stage. Apparently the dogs take turns attempting to play and roughhouse with Cat, and all Cat wants to do is hang out with the family without being bothered by the dogs. If everyone’s in the tv room watching a show, Cat wants to be there, too, even though he would be left unbothered by the dogs if he chose to be in another room. No matter where Cat goes in the tv room, the dogs can get to him.

Cat’s family decided to try something creative. They bought another MeowSpace® and stocked it with Cat’s toys, blanket and even some catnip.

“Cat has developed his own routine each night after dinner. When we all move into the tv room, he goes into the Meowspace with the food and eats a bit. He then enters the litter Meowspace. Next thing we know, he’s lying comfortably in his blanket Meowspace, which we conveniently have between our two easy chairs. He loves being able to see what’s going on through the clear plastic, but also realizes he’s safe from the dogs’ attentions. It’s his own little flat of rooms. You might say it’s his own Cat Haven, and he loves it.”

“The best part of it for us is that there is peace in our home after dinner for the first time in two years. I think I’ve never seen a full uninterrupted tv program since we’ve had Cat, though it was never his fault. It’s still so new to us to hear the quietude that it’s the topic of conversation during commercials!”

-Bill T.

Thanks, Bill, for taking the time to share your story. Love the Kitty Condo idea!


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