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Microchip ID Cat Feeder Box / Litter Station – MeowSpace®

Microchip ID Cat Feeder Box / Litter Station

You have a cat or small dog that absolutely refuses to wear a collar, so trying to use the Magnetic System MeowSpace® or the RFID System MeowSpace® (the collar tag version RFID, that is) won’t work for you. Don’t despair! You can order the Microchip ID Cat Feeder Box / Litter System MeowSpace®. This system works with your pet’s veterinarian-inserted Microchip ID, and needs no collar for your pet to unlock the door. The directions are clear and it is VERY simple to program the door for your MeowSpace® cat or small dog. In fact, you can program one door to allow up to 32 different pets.

New design. The lid is hinged for easy access to cleaning and changing food or litter.
New design. The lid is hinged for easy access to cleaning and changing food or litter.

The Microchip doors work with virtually all microchips, and come with a 3 year guarantee, which is included in the MeowSpace® guarantee.


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Could you give me more information on how this works with the micro chip, what about different brands of chip?

How big is the door? My concern is that the cat won’t go though if its too small.

Thanks for more information.

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your interest in MeowSpace®.

The microchip system works with virtually all inserted microchips, and is absolutely simple to program. Up to 32 cats can use the same door. If you have several cats with microchips but only want one to use the MeowSpace®, you simply program the one cat. The others will not be able to get in.

The door on the microchip system is a bit smaller than on the other systems, but they did a lot of testing with a lot of cats before releasing it to the market. Our customers have been very happy with it so far.

Feel free to call or email me at any time with any other questions.

Casey Moffett-Chaney

Hello, I have a fluffy cat who is terrified of using her mate’s litter. She goes anywhere their is a towel or a bunch of papers. At my wits end looking for easy alternatives. Is their a solution for a litter box that only allows 1 particular account access? A locking system that would let her out Incase of power failure but only she could enter? This would solve our fear of attack problem. I have 4 litterpans threw out my home to assist in giving some freedom but I need solutions. thanks for reviewing my request and have a great day.

Hi Daniel,

You’ve just described the MeowSpace! With the touch of a button the MeowSpace learns your kitty’s ID, and only she will be able to get in. From the inside, the door is always open so no chance of getting stuck. Make a note when you order and we’ll send along a free litter box that fits the MeowSpace perfectly.

I am having the same problem with my female cat who won’t use the multiple boxes I have because of her 3 male roommates! I’m wondering if you’ve tried this system yet, and if so, how is it working for you?

Casey Moffett-Chaney

Our customers who use this for their litter holders have told us it is very effective. Anyone out there who wants to comment?

I live in england and very intrested in this product as I have 3 cats and 2 of them have no problem using a litter tray, the 3rd cat will use it when none of the other cats have been in there so when I just put out clean litter, so having this would just allow her 2 use her tray n not the others. So how much is the box , microchip delivery etc look 4ward e hearing from u

Hi Mathew,

The cost of the Microchip System is $299. Shipping to the UK is approximately $90, which you would pay upon checkout. Then you would need to pay VAT and other duty fees upon receipt. I don’t know what those would be as they differ country to country.

If you decide to order, make a note to us that you will be using it for litter, and I’ll make sure you get a complimentary litter pan.

Feel free to email me at any time with any other questions.

Kind regards,


I live in Cincinnati Ohio and I’ve been looking for one these to keep my dogs out of her litter box. How much would one cost?

Go to and scroll down. You’ll see the various choices and their prices.

I saw that someone asked how much is the Microchip system? But I’m not sure if the question and the answer was referring to the system or the cat? My cats are already microchipped so is there a separate costs for parts for it to work with my cats microchip?

Hi Heidi,

It’s in reference to the system. If your cat is already chipped, you’ll just press a button, put your cat through the door, and press the button again. That’s all there is to it! The system comes complete, so all you need is a cat that is already chipped.

I have had this feeder box for 3 years. I love it. Well worth the investment many times over. Thank you.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us!

In testing, did any senior cats use this? I need to add a box upstairs for my 19 year old kitty & want to keep the younger kitties out of it, but am concerned if an older cat will use it.

Hi Susan,

Great question! Lots of senior kitties learn to use it. I think cats get smarter with age ?

Is there an option to have a black rather than clear container?

Hi Maura,

After several years of trials, our customers have concluded, almost unanimously, that the clear is the MeowSpace of choice for cats. They seem to like being able to see what’s around them, and at the same time understand that they are safe inside.

Not at this time.

Hi i have a question. I have 4 cats and they all use the same litter boxes (we have only 2 litter boxes) and the smell is horrible, so i want to get each one it’s own box but i know they’ll end up sharing. If i bought the meowspace box, only one cat can enter to use the litter box and leave freely using the microchip?
But if i bought let’s say 4 of these boxes from you, all my cats would have the micro ships, can they access eachother boxes or can i program each box for one cat?
Also, do you ship worldwide? I live in the middle east Jordan, how much would it cost?

Hi Kristeel,

If you buy 4 microchip systems, each would be programmed separately. It’s just the push of a button for each. So easy!

Start to order and fill in your address. The shipping information should come up. This would not include any duties and taxes that would be added on when you receive it.

Let me know if you have any problems with the order and we’ll help you with it.

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