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Carol McBride’s Feline Dynasty (she trained her cat with Feline Alzheimer’s to use a MeowSpace®)

Share This: Carol McBride and MeowSpace® helps cat with Kitty Alzheimer’s Carol McBride did not grow up with cats. Her mother was Mrs. Clean, and animals did not fit the picture of cleanliness in her mind or home, so Carol remained pet-free until adulthood. Then one day, while Carol was going home from her job […]

Magnetic Cat Feeder Box — MeowSpace®

Share This: Magnetic Cat Feeder Box The MeowSpace® Magnetic Cat Feeder Box / Litter Enclosure works via a magnet attached to your pet’s collar. As your cat begins to enter, the magnet hangs at just the right place to trigger the latch to unlock. The moment the flap is opened and your cat is entering, the […]

Cat Feeding Solutions

Share This: Usual Cat Feeding Solutions don’t often work We have spoken with hundreds of vet professionals including veterinarians, veterinary technicians, assistants, nurses, receptionists and office managers who have shared with us the problems they have encountered regarding feeding difficulties in multiple-pet households. Pet owners, mostly cat owners, have told us how they have attempted […]

Training Your Cat = Love, Time & Patience

Share This: Training your cat to use a MeowSpace® Training your cat to use a MeowSpace® can be very quick for some, and lengthy for others. The key is to remember a few main points: 1. The MeowSpace® solution is worth the effort, whatever effort that means for you. 2. Generally speaking, cats love boxes, […]

Getting a Long Cat’s Tail into the MeowSpace®

Share This: How to get a long Cat’s Tail into the MeowSpace® Several people have emailed with a concern about their cat’s tail. They are worried that, upon entering the MeowSpace®, their cat’s tail will stop the door flap from closing. In general, most cats instinctively pull their tails through. But if yours is having […]

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