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MeowSpace® is Patented!


MeowSpace® was patented October 16, 2012. Pat.# US8286591, and received a Trademark registration March 16, 2010.

Our special feature, the Bully Barriers™, are small panels that may be added on each side of the entry door to keep other pets from bullying their way into the MeowSpace® when the pet using the MeowSpace® is entering or exiting. These are included with every MeowSpace®, to be added at will if needed.

MeowSpace front showing ventilation
The Bully Barriers™ flank each side of the door. They come
standard as an optional
attachment. Also notice the
ventilation at each corner.
Open 1/4″ top to bottom.

When we first designed the MeowSpace®, there were no barriers. One day, when Mitchell was exiting, we watched Flopsie, with a mixture of admiration and horror, as she stood next to the door and held the flap open with her head. Once Mitchell was out, she hopped in and began devouring Mitchell’s food. Another time, we watched as she bullied Mitchell out of the way while he was entering, and took his place. She would wait until he had begun pushing the door open, and then she would make her move. We had to come up with a way that she could not have access to the door while Mitchell was entering or exiting.

After several ideas and designs were tried, we settled on the barriers that are there now. They make it impossible for her to hold the flap open because the only way she can get her head to the door is by standing directly in front of it. She ends up being pushed out of the way by Mitchell as he exits. The Bully Barriers™ also make it impossible for her to get next to Mitchell and bully him out of the way as he is going inside.


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Amazing! You truly thought this one through. I am so excited mine is on the way!

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