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Toddlers and Pet Food

Those of us who have toddlers and pets know that the pet food is fair game to our children. Being on the floor makes the food bowls and their contents very enticing to the young and curious. And of course, everything goes into their mouths, so why not the pet food as well?

The risks of salmonella and other diseases often found in dry pet food make it particularly unsafe for children under 5. If you are having difficulty keeping the pet food away from your toddler, the MeowSpace® may be a godsend for you.

Made of strong, polymer and ABS plastics, the MeowSpace® easily keeps the pet food away from young hands, and makes it available only to your pet, who unlatches the door via an access device they wear on their collar or have embedded as a microchip ID.

To learn more about the MeowSpace®, visit our homepage.

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