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Cats Get Healthy Using MeowSpace®

Humans Get Back Time, Cats Get Healthy

Cats get healthy when a household uses a MeowSpace® to control feeding among multiple pets.

From Heather:

We have had our Meowspace for about 9 months now and I just had to email to say thank you!  Norma, our calico, has always been quite petite and skittish and did not stand up to our large, energetic tabby, Beth.  Norma is built small but at one point she was eating so little that her weight fell to 5 1/2 lbs.

I was sitting with her for over an hour a day trying to coax her to eat but she was anxious that Beth was lurking nearby.  

Norma got used to the Meowspace within days and now she is over 7 lbs and is healthy and happy!  I just had to loosen her collar (with the Meowspace magnet) the other day because she has grown so much.  Meowspace has made such a difference to Norma and our family.  I am happy to endorse your product and hopefully make another pet family as happy as you have made us!

Thank you!

Heather K

We at MeowSpace® know that our product makes a huge difference in the lives of both humans and pets, but it’s always awesome to be given a glimpse into the extent of that difference. In the case of Norma, that difference can be measured in pounds and inches, and seen in confidence.

Now about cost…I have a cousin who likes to calculate what she calls the CPU (Cost Per Use) of an item she buys. In Heather’s case, it looks like she’s recouped at least 365 hours per year by putting the MeowSpace® to work and not having to police or coax her kitties around their food. That means the MeowSpace® CPU for just one year, for the Magnetic System, is less than 50 cents per day. The Microchip System amounts to less than 90 cents per day. How much is an hour of your time worth?

In the relief of angst and worry, both humans and cats benefit. Emotional security means more time for love. Priceless!



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