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Determination and Patience Gets Results


Patience: the capacity to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without giving up.

One of the secrets to success with a MeowSpace is practicing patience. There is a learning curve, and working with your cat persistently and consistently will pay off. Some cats get it immediately, while others take ongoing practice for weeks. Half of your battle is realizing and accepting the fact of where your cat may be on this learning curve, and work with them to overcome unique challenges. We at MeowSpace® will support you in your efforts to get your pets trained successfully. If it is taking longer than usual, we extend your warranty to make sure you are not feeling frantic about losing money. We don’t want you to lose anything! We want you to gain time, save money in the long run, and have a better relationship with your “kids.”

Rich Lember did it the right way, and his kitties (and he) have a better life:

kitty kelly
Kitty & Kelly: Losing weight, gaining confidence

I purchased a microchip MeowSpace on March 11, 2013 so that my diabetic cat Kelly would not be able to eat any of the food that I put out for her scaredy cat smaller sister Kitty.  Well, it took many weeks to get scaredy cat Kitty to go in the MeowSpace with the door taped up, and it took a few more weeks to get Kitty to go in with the door down, because the click scared her.  I later read, and wish I had read it sooner, that there is a way to have the door open both ways without the click, which I think would have made the training go much smoother.  I was starting to wonder if Kitty would ever go in with the door down because of the clicking noise.  But then one day it happened, and that was a great day!  And also on that day I confirmed that the microchip worked to open the latch.

It is so easy now to feed the cats, and I don’t have to think twice about how much Kelly will eat.  The MeowSpace makes controlling the diet of fat cat Kelly only a matter of me portioning out the right amount, and no longer having to deal with the difficult problem of Kelly stealing Kitty’s food, cause that was one of Kelly’s talents.

Thanks again for MeowSpace!!! It is a great product and I am glad I found out about it.

Rich Lember


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