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Eliminates Frustration

MeowSpace® eliminates frustration and policing around food and/or litter. It is a fully protective pet enclosure designed to help you feed your pets separately, or to hold the litter box to keep your dogs away from the cat’s poop, too.


The Front Panel has a locking pet door, accessible only to the pet who is designated to enter. This pet either wears a small access device on its collar or has an inserted Microchip ID that is programmed to the door, and unlocks the door for them when they begin to enter. Pets without a programmed access device cannot open the door nor enter the MeowSpace®, thereby keeping them away from litter or food.


You may choose from four MeowSpace® Systems. Magnetic Collar Tag Entry, RFID Collar Tag Entry, Microchip “No-Collar” Entry, and the Microchip “No-Collar” Timed Entry.

In addition, the design of the Bully Barriers™ panels around the door prevent other pets from sneaking or bullying their way into the enclosure while the designated pet is going in or coming out. The result? Cat obesity, feline diabetes and other diseases can be controlled, and no more sick dogs from eating the cats’ food or feces. But most important, no more frustrated pet owners, because MeowSpace eliminates frustration!


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