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Determination and Patience Gets Results

Share This:   Patience: the capacity to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without giving up. One of the secrets to success with a MeowSpace is practicing patience. There is a learning curve, and working with your cat persistently and consistently will pay off. Some cats get it immediately, while others take ongoing practice for weeks. Half of your battle is realizing and accepting […]

MeowSpace® Stops Cat From Litter Flinging

Share This: Litter Flinging No More! An Unexpected Perk of Using the MeowSpace® The MeowSpace® was originally designed to separate food from cats or dogs who should not be eating it, but soon became a favorite with our beta testers for keeping the cat litter box away from the dogs as well. What never crossed […]

One Cat is Eating the Other Cat’s Food

Share This: One Cat is Eating the Other Cat’s Food One of the most aggravating aspects of multiple-cat ownership is when one cat is eating the other cat’s food. There are several reasons that this happens. The Instinct to Survive The instinct to survive is embedded in the DNA of all living things. With some, […]

Feline Obesity #1 Killer

Share This:  FELINE OBESITY: THE #1 KILLER OF INDOOR CATS One of the main goals at MeowSpace® is to make life more joyful for cats and cat owners alike. Putting a MeowSpace® to use in your household will improve your cats’ health, and your relationship with them (and often your relationship with all the other humans in […]

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