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Childproofing your home includes the MeowSpace

Share This: Now there’s a solution to childproofing your home from pets! Childproofing your home from pets is an important matter to consider, particularly when it involves things that go into little one’s mouths. Cats and dogs eat (and poop) at toddler level most of the time. Is it any wonder that toddlers find those […]

Private Litter Box: Stop Cats from Soiling in the House by using a MeowSpace for the Litter Box

Share This: Does your cat need a private litter box because he or she hates sharing with other cats? This is a common problem for many cat loving households, and one main cause for owner surrenders of cats at rescue organizations. I was talking with a friend of mine, who is a veterinary assistant at […]

Dogs Eating Cat Feces

Share This: WHY ARE SOME DOGS EATING CAT FECES, AND WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY INGEST POOP AND/OR CAT LITTER? What happens when a dog makes a regular meal out of cat feces? Let’s add to that what happens when litter, especially the clumping kind, gets into a K9’s intestines. From VirtuaVet: Massive Surgery Needed to […]

Acrylic Feeding Box

Share This: Clear Plastic Acrylic Feeding Box Works Best There are many advantages to using a clear plastic feeding station. Here’s a simple history lesson on the development of the MeowSpace®: We began our quest for the perfect feeding station to separate food from one of our cats by building a wooden box and attaching […]

Laura Speirs, The Kitty Sitter and Kitty Counselor

Share This: Laura Speirs, The Kitty Sitter and Kitty Counselor Providence Happens Every now and then, without our conscious realization, the timing, circumstances and idiosyncrasies of life come together and set the foundation of our destinies. Meeting Laura Speirs in 1995 was one such example. Before telling you more about her, I want you to […]

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