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Childproofing your home includes the MeowSpace

Share This: Now there’s a solution to childproofing your home from pets! Childproofing your home from pets is an important matter to consider, particularly when it involves things that go into little one’s mouths. Cats and dogs eat (and poop) at toddler level most of the time. Is it any wonder that toddlers find those […]

Private Litter Box: Stop Cats from Soiling in the House by using a MeowSpace for the Litter Box

Share This: Does your cat need a private litter box because he or she hates sharing with other cats? This is a common problem for many cat loving households, and one main cause for owner surrenders of cats at rescue organizations. I was talking with a friend of mine, who is a veterinary assistant at […]

Cat Wisdom

Share This: Cat wisdom is all about comfort Every now and then, I get a taste of cat wisdom when I least expect it. Last night, while sitting in my favorite recliner, my cuddly cat, Mitchell (yes, the MeowSpace® cat), decided he wanted to take a nap on my lap. I happened to be working […]

Eliminates Frustration

Berdell Frustrated

Share This: MeowSpace® eliminates frustration and policing around food and/or litter. It is a fully protective pet enclosure designed to help you feed your pets separately, or to hold the litter box to keep your dogs away from the cat’s poop, too. HOW IT WORKS The Front Panel has a locking pet door, accessible only to the pet […]

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