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Feline Obesity #1 Killer

Share This:  FELINE OBESITY: THE #1 KILLER OF INDOOR CATS One of the main goals at MeowSpace® is to make life more joyful for cats and cat owners alike. Putting a MeowSpace® to use in your household will improve your cats’ health, and your relationship with them (and often your relationship with all the other humans in […]

Automatic Super Feeder Works Well With the MeowSpace®

Share This:   MeowSpace® + Automatic Super Feeder = Double Success! One of the wonderful benefits of creating personalized connections with MeowSpace® users is that I am learning more ways that the MeowSpace® is being utilized. One of our clients, who uses three RFID MeowSpaces, just told me that he has a kitty who is so […]

Cat Habits

Share This: Cat Habits are usually narcissistic. When Mitchell, our MeowSpace® cat, is not eating, drinking or play hunting, he is most at home in his cat habitat, aka lying peacefully on “his” bed; and Berdell, MeowSpace® co-inventor, is most at home lying peacefully with him. I guess cats could be called the most narcissistic […]

Getting a Long Cat’s Tail into the MeowSpace®

Share This: How to get a long Cat’s Tail into the MeowSpace® Several people have emailed with a concern about their cat’s tail. They are worried that, upon entering the MeowSpace®, their cat’s tail will stop the door flap from closing. In general, most cats instinctively pull their tails through. But if yours is having […]

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