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MeowSpace® Stops Cat From Litter Flinging

Share This: Litter Flinging No More! An Unexpected Perk of Using the MeowSpace® The MeowSpace® was originally designed to separate food from cats or dogs who should not be eating it, but soon became a favorite with our beta testers for keeping the cat litter box away from the dogs as well. What never crossed […]

MeowSpace® is Issued a Patent!

Share This:   IT’S OFFICIAL! A MEOWSPACE PATENT We at MeowSpace® are pretty darned excited. We have been issued a Patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on the invention you all know as the MeowSpace®. Its formal title is “Assemblies For Allowing Pet Access Through A Panel,” which, I know, doesn’t […]

Dogs Eating Cat Feces

Share This: WHY ARE SOME DOGS EATING CAT FECES, AND WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY INGEST POOP AND/OR CAT LITTER? What happens when a dog makes a regular meal out of cat feces? Let’s add to that what happens when litter, especially the clumping kind, gets into a K9’s intestines. From VirtuaVet: Massive Surgery Needed to […]

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